World Haemochromatosis Week 2020

Impact of COVID – 19 on WHW

Give Blood Today

World Haemochromatosis Week is observed each year in the first week in June. In 2020 World Haemochromatosis Week will run from Monday 1st June to Sunday 7th June. The aim of the week is to raise awareness of haemochromatosis and to promote activities initiated by member organisations. This year public face to face activities are being cancelled because of COVID-19.

It is very important that we maintain momentum built over the past few years and that all member organisations continue to inform people and healthcare professionals about hereditary or genetic haemochromatosis, the importance of early detection and the need for equitable access to treatment.

It is also important that therapeutic donors and their friends, family members and colleagues who remain well continue to give blood over the next few months. Many others in our communities will not be able to and our national supplies of blood products may be impacted as a result of fewer donors.

The case for screening is strong. Together we can make iron overload from hereditary haemochromatosis a thing of the past.