HI Newsletter January 2017

Registering for BioIron 2017

Notice of Annual General Meeting

World Iron Awareness Week

Recommendations in haemochromatosis

BioIron 2017

The International BioIron meeting will be at the Luskin Conference Centre, UCLA, Los Angeles, from 7th to 11th May 2017.

The International BioIron Society have most generously offered free registration for BioIron 2017 for one representative of each member organisation of Haemochromatosis International.

If your organisation wishes to take advantage of this offer, please provide the name and contact details of your representative to us and we will forward this to the conference managers.

Please send representative name and contact details to Desley White at: info@haemochromatosis-international.org  by Saturday February 11th.

Note that while registration is free for one representative of each organisation, participants will be expected to pay for any social activities associated with the conference.

Haemochromatosis International meeting and AGM

On the day following BioIron HI will hold a full day meeting at UCLA.

This will be our Annual General Meeting with all the usual reports and election of office bearers. The agenda will also include;

  • A brief overview of recent scientific developments in haemochromatosis, as presented at BioIron,
  • An opportunity for all member organisations to share ideas and speak about their activities,
  • An opportunity to contribute to HI’s plans for the coming year
  • A workshop on our development of a set of international recommendations for the treatment and management of haemochromatosis,

World Iron Awareness Week

This week, which in 2017 will run from 1st to 7th May, provides an opportunity for all haemochromatosis organisations to raise awareness by distributing a media release that draws attention to the incidence of iron overload, as well as iron deficiency, and the similarity of the symptoms for some people.

We plan to prepare a draft release for members to consider and perhaps adapt to suit their local circumstances.

While this is a small beginning, with your support it has the potential to grow into a useful tool in raising awareness of haemochromatosis, as well as iron deficiency.


We invite your organisation to become a financial member of HI, if you have not already joined. Working together can only assist in our common cause.

The membership fee is £20 sterling. Small organisations that have difficulty in such a payment may apply for it to be waived.

Payment by Paypal is available via the website. If you would like to pay by bank transfer please contact info@haemochromatosis-international.org

Haemochromatosis International Committee Members

President                       Ben Marris, Australia

Vice President               Paulo Santos, Brazil

Past President               Robert Evans, UK

Secretary/Treasurer     Desley White, UK

Committee Member     Barbara Butzeck, Germany; Howard Don, UK; Emerência Teixeira, Portugal

Honorary founding member          Prof. Pierre Brissot, France