Member Organisations

World membershipMembership of Haemochromatosis International is open to any patient organisation or support group working for people affected by the condition. Membership of Haemochromatosis International  provides an opportunity to share resources and experiences, to learn from each other and to advocate more strongly within and across national borders for screening and treatment.

Current members of HI are listed here (alphabetical order of country). Click on the links to their own websites to learn more about each organisation and for contact details.


Non-Member organisations:

Other haemochromatosis support organisations, not current members of Haemochromatosis International which may be able to provide you with information and support in their countries are listed below. In addition there are many Facebook groups which provide online support for people with the condition.

  • Belgium
    Hemochromatosis Belgian Association (HBA),
  • Denmark
    The Danish interest group for Haemochromatosis,
  • Holland (Nederlands)
    Hemochromatose Vereniging Nederland (HVN),
  • Iceland
    Icelandic Hemachromatosis Society
  • South Africa
    Haemochromatosis Society of South Africa,
  • Switzerland
    Hämochromatose Schweiz,
  • United States of America
    American Hemochromatosis Society (AHS),
    Celtic Curse,
    Iron It Out,