Therapeutic recommendations in HFE haemochromatosis

Although guidelines are available for hereditary haemochromatosis (HH), a high percentage of the recommendations within them is not shared between the different guidelines. Our main aim is to provide an objective, simple, brief and practical set of recommendations about therapeutic aspects of the HFE haemochromatosis, based on published scientific studies and guidelines.

This work is being undertaken by the Haemochromatosis International Taskforce, under the leadership of Prof Paulo Santos, which comprises: Annick Vanclooster, Barbara Butzeck, Brigitte Pineau, Desley White, Domenico Girelli, Emerência Teixeira, Ian Hiller, Graça Porto, Mayka Sanchez, Paulo Santos, Pierre Brissot, Robert Evans, and Sonia Distante.

HI gratefully acknowledges the help of Novartis, DRG Germany, and DRG USA, in achieving it’s aims.