World Haemochromatosis Week 2018

  •  Haemochromatosis Australia:

Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove and his wife Lady Cosgrove wearing cufflinks & brooch from HA’s OVERLOAD Collection (fundraising jewellery made by a local French-Australian jeweller especially for HA).

A big sign at an inner city Fire Station.

Karin Calford (HA Volunteer Advocate/past HA committee member) on left with Sheila Stevenson (Volunteer Advocate & co-ordinator of Deloraine, Tasmania OVERLOAD Art Exhibition) & her husband Bernie on right side with member of parliament Guy Barnett in middle with his cufflinks.

Greg Hunt Australian Health Minister wearing his cufflinks.

  • Brazil: activities in blood centers, parks, and lectures.

  • Association Hémochromatose France: Bulletins and divulgation for patients and general population.

  • Hungarian Hemochromatosis Patient Association: Health-screening event at Budapest.

  • Italian Association – Associazione per lo Studio dell’Emocromatosi e delle Malattie da Sovraccarico di Ferro: “Iron: from stars to life”.

  • Irish Haemochromatosis Association: Newsletter 2018 about activities.

  • Haemochromatosis UK: 

Media interviews including BBC radio channels.

Distribution hundreds of temporary tattoos.