FotoFeXPO 2022 Gallery

Discover, Uncover, Recover

Thank you to everyone who contributed images to Haemochromatosis International’s FotoFeXPO 2022, an online exhibition of photography from around the world.

This year’s theme was selected to promote the need to

1. discover haemochromatosis – especially in cases where there has been no known family history,

2. uncover risks associated with iron overload, and

3. recover or reclaim health and well-being through maintaining iron in balance.

The wonderful images in this year’s gallery reflect or represent objects, events, knowledge, skills or feelings discovered for the first time, or uncovered and revealed when previously hidden or concealed; or recovered or rehabilitated when damaged, lost or abandoned.

We were thrilled to see some people accepted the challenge of discovering light painting for the first time. This process, where photographers work in the dark, not knowing what they will find until they see the finished photo, mirrors the experience of people living in the dark before they discover their genotype, uncover their hidden iron stores and begin to recover.

Entries were judged by Peter Solness, a multi-award winning Australian photographer, artist, educator and writer.  Peter specialises in the photographic method of Light Painting which involves working in darkness with long camera exposure times, while illuminating the object being photographed.

Click on a photo to learn more about it and the photographer.