Aquarelle by Nagy Gábor Szabolcs

Aquarelle (Püspökszentlászló, 23 April 2022)
Canon EOS850D, 50mm, 1/80 s, f/9, ISO 320

Püspökszentlászló is a small village in the valley on the northern side of the Mount Zengő in Southern Hungary. There is only one street in the village, and the houses are standing on one side of the street. Hence the joke that in Püspökszentlászló pancakes are baked only on one side. The main attraction is the bishop’s summer castle with the small chapel and the botanical garden next to the buildings. The photo was taken at the small lake of the arboretum. It captures the moment when the floating plants and the reflections dazzled the visitors with a sight which recalled the traditions of the Hungarian landscape painting.