Brazil has a population of approximately 200 million people. The Brazilian population is one of the most heterogeneous in the world, being a mixture of different ethnic groups of European descent, African descent and Amerindians.

People in Brazil with haemochromatosis are served by Grupo Brasileiro de Hemocromatose Hereditária (the Brazilian Group of Hereditary Haemochromatosis) .

Grupo Brasileiro de Hemocromatose Hereditária

The Brazilian Group of Hereditary Haemochromatosis (GBHH) is composed of patients, their families, physicians and health professionals. GBHH is a voluntary, non-profit group.

The main aims are:

  • To increase information about haemochromatosis for the general population and health professionals
  • To promote advances and support for diagnosis and treatment of haemochromatosis
  • To develop research in the context of iron metabolism and haemochromatosis

Contact with GBHH is available through:

Contact Paulo Santos on or telephone (0 55 11) 5576 4848