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There are two categories of membership of Haemochromatosis International.

Full membership

Full membership is open to associations or organisations representing the interests of people with haemochromatosis and their families. Organisational membership allows member associations full access to shared resources as we believe we are much stronger working together for the benefit of patients worldwide.

The organisational membership subscription is GBP £50 a year (or your local currency equivalent).

Associate (individual) membership

Associate (non-voting individual) membership of Haemochromatosis International is open to anyone interested in furthering its purposes. The annual membership fee for individuals is GBP £20 a year (or your local currency equivalent). All membership applications are reviewed by the Haemochromatosis International Executive.

Please complete the form below to join. You will then be taken to a secure site to pay your subscription. Please email us if you have any queries or problems with the registration process.
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