Dr Françoise Courtois

Dr Françoise Courtois was a hospital practitioner for 30 years in AP-HP (Paris Hospitals) before completing her career at the Medical and Scientific Directorate of the French Blood Establishment. She has been involved in the care of haemochromatosis patients since 1971: clinical activity, animation of groups of transfusional therapy doctors, medical-scientific publications and participation in national recommendations.
Dr Courtois has been involved in patient associations since 2002. She was a founding member of the European Federation of Haemochromatosis (2004) and Secretary General for 16 years. She was a founding member of the French Haemochromatosis Association (2004) and Secretary General before becoming Medical Director in 2021. She has also been involved in the Association des Transmetteurs bringing together retired doctors in the Ilede-France region with medico-social missions in the field since 2006.