Marie Warder, Founder of the Canadian Hemochromatosis Society and the Haemochromatosis Society of South Africa

Marie epitomized the impact of connections, connecting with researchers, doctors and hemochromatosis sufferers from around the world at a time when not much was known about the disorder. Her desire was to learn as much as she could about hereditary hemochromatosis so she could warn others about the dangers of too much iron. She had a way about her that journalists loved (she was a journalist herself!), gaining her interviews and stories in print and on television, and helping her to raise the public profile of hemochromatosis. Marie devoted nearly half of her life to the fight against hereditary hemochromatosis, for earlier diagnosis and the health and well-being of sufferers. She authored the book “The Bronze Killer”, and established the Haemochromatosis Society of South Africa.

Her talents, skills, aptitude, fortitude and commitment have saved thousands of Canadians and others around the globe from the preventable suffering caused by hereditary hemochromatosis, and helped countless others find an early diagnosis.
Julie Iverson Photo 2004 courtesy of Delta Optimist