IRON OVERLOAD #2 by Suzy Makin
ron Overload #1 by Suzy Makin
I took up photography during the pandemic and have never tried light paining but your competition has inspired me to have a go. I’ve had to learn things about my camera today that I didn’t know so I’m very happy.
My photo represents something very special we discovered after Graham (my husband) was diagnosed, ‘Genetic Haemochromatosis NW’. This is a group of volunteers who live with the condition or have a family member with the condition. They hold regular meetings around the North West of England, often inviting guest speakers to talk about related topics. By being part of this group I found peace of mind as I learned more about GH and, that my husband, whom I had recently married, was going to be ok. By seeing the wonderful work done by the volunteers I found that I also had the ability to contribute to raising awareness of Haemochromatosis. By doing this I found a confidence that I’d never had before and enjoyed speaking to the general public, the media and even medical staff about this common condition that we just never seemed to hear about. We’ve met some wonderful people, at ‘Genetic Haemochromatosis NW’, in the world of Haemochromatosis more generally and further afield because of this group.
‘Genetic Haemochromatosis Northwest’ really was a wonderful discovery in so many ways and we will always be grateful for the help and support we received from them and to the original members who founded the group many years ago.