FotoFeXPO 2020

Thank you to everyone who contributed images to Haemochromatosis International’s first annual FotoFeXPO, an online exhibition of photography. from around the world.

The theme Rust Never Sleeps, was selected to illustrate how haemochromatosis, like rust or oxidation, is found everywhere around the world. An alternative name might have been ‘the sun never sets on haemochromatosis’.

The images in this exhibition are from 20 locations around the world from places as far apart as Antarctica and Norway including Algeria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, England, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, New Zealand, Portugal, Serbia, South Georgia, Spain, the Netherlands and the South Shetland Islands.

Click on a photo for its location plus the name and contact details of the photographer where provided.

Rust never sleeps in Grytviken, South Georgia

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